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He arrives, and escorts the little old lady to his office to handle it personally.The sheriff raided their game and. took all three before the local judge.

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Once in his office, he asks the little old lady where she got so much money.A rabbi and his two friends, a priest and a minister, played poker for small stakes once a week.Oh Kenneth, you never fail to make me giggle with embarrassment. - Matty Malaprop.

A bingo machine. 12 3 comments ( 0 ) Making bets Hot 5 years ago A little old lady goes into the Chase Manhattan Bank, and says she wants to open a savings account.

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Funny Gambling Quotes -- Humorous quotations about gambling and gamblers.The IRS Audits A Gambling Grandpa. feel good videos, funny clean jokes, inspirational quotes, funny animal pictures, funny videos, inspiring videos,.Touched by An Angel. Search. The good old Erap Jokes. My son adored Erap simply because of his famous Erap jokes. He found them funny and wanted to know more.The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.

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Home » Funny Stories; Funniest, Craziest Gambling Stories – Tales from the Pit. A spin on the roulette wheel, 80 hours passing chips at the poker table, an.

Jokes about Gambling. Animal Jokes; Bar Jokes; Blonde Jokes; Celebrity Jokes;. Gambling Jokes. Back to: Dirty Jokes. Q: What did the dealer say to the deck of cards?.Joke about a woman who enjoyed gambling so much she had a bet with her bank manager. Gambling Joke -. Funny Gag Gifts for Easter.She undressed in the living room and, put her purse over her shoulder, and tiptoed nude into the bedroom, but was surprised to find her husband sitting up in bed reading.I can support my gambling habit without a job, but I want one so I can support it even more.The man pondered that thought for a moment, and then began packing HIS bags.

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When a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with experience leaves with money and the man with money leaves with experience.casino jokes, gambling jokes, short casino jokes, dealer jokes, card jokes.

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A man walks into a bar and notices a poker game at the far table.

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Chuck Norris won the World Series of Poker using Pokemon cards.More Funny Jokes about Aging Phyllis Diller Old People Jokes. You know you're getting old when your liver spots show through your gloves. My mother-in-law had a pain.Funny Banker Jokes. Jokes about Banker. Read the funniest jokes about Bankers Know a good Bankers joke that's missing here?.

Get it because it has lots of funny jokes that will make you laugh. If these reasons aren't good enough for you, get it because we're insecure and need your approval.Permalink to Joke for Friday, 21 August 2015 from site A joke a day - A woman was in a gambling casi. Funny joke of the day is carefully selected joke.

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Find and save ideas about Jokes on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Funny jokes, Good jokes and Cheesy jokes.Sensational Quotes about Gambling for Smart People Including Gambling Tips and Quotations about Las Vegas Casinos.Gamer jokes, as a concept, sound. Video Games games funny internet memes jokes total nerd Humor love this list? 30+ Jokes That Make Zero Sense Unless You've Played.