Bright light seen moving slowly across sky at helicopters height with no noise and a 2 second rear-end emittance.

The FOR ME section provides event suggestions based on your interests. No event found in the area. Try to change date or city! No event found in the area.Find Soccer Fields in your area. Get full details at looked out my bedroom window and saw an object in the sky that was changing colors quickly, the lights were neon.Around 11 pm my husband and I stepped out onto our porch so I could have a cigarette We observed 3 bright lights,strobe like, set up i.A cluster of approximately 15 lights appeared and fanned out into a V shape while appearing to fly overhead.Witnessed a object made up of like six little lights, so bright it lit up everything.Seen two circular objects south of residence looked like that were communicating with flashing lights for about ten minutes then one to.

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It was like an airport becon that was rotating with red, green, and white lights.Strange object in the mountains of western wyoming wittnessed on 3 consecutive years on almost the same exact day every year.Silent lighted craft flies over house, witness later discovers body and events about the Sons of Silence, history of the club, sign in or check the guestbook and view the merchandise page.(Page 1 of 2) Top Rated Wyoming ATV trails, OHV parks, motorcycle trails and motocross tracks for 2018. Includes WY trail maps, GPS points and photos of all legal.A mysterious shooting star heads straight for our car but dissapears before it hits us.

Flying V formation at an extremely high rate of speed from North to South.It looked like a star at first but since when do stars move in an octagon motion i went inside to get my bill of lading and came back o.Seen an oject west of town at hotel it refected city lights with brown golden color moving west fast with no lights no sound and no vis.Sorry, your browser is not supported. Please upgrade to the latest version or switch your browser to use this site. See for options.Male witness reports seeing a red disc, seen ahead of, and pacing an airliner.

Authorities have asked Cheyenne bars to voluntarily shut down poker games by the end of the month. Gillette, WY. Cheyenne shuts down bar poker games.On August 29, 2008 my wife and I went for a day trip across snowy range road to Saratoga, WY, we had a 2006 red Sebring convertible car.A CD case like craft hovered for 20 minutes over mountian line.

Black dinner plate size crab like object that moved on the ground.The Current Radar map shows areas of current precipitation. A weather radar is used to locate precipitation, calculate its motion, estimate its type (rain, snow, hail.

All reviews wild bill re enactment death chair poker table social club sawdust floors old west live band fun place restaurant. Gillette, Wyoming. 9 8.I have been seeing a bright light for years in the same area of sky, it is brighter than a plane slower than a plane it lasts about 10.We were driving westbound on Hwy between Riverton and Fort Washakie at 1930 hours.Formation of 15-20 lights all in a row blinking blue and red.

Bell shaped object emiting bright light from bottom spotted near Gillette Wyoming.Dancing lights in formation at times-pulsating light dim out and reappear - 3-4 hours.I was sitting in my hot tub looking at the sky when I noticed this triangular shaped object in the sky.

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What I thought was a satellite passing overhead burst into a flash of purple light. (See full description.).Looking for a Las Vegas casino players club rewards program? Enjoy exclusive events and promotions, complimentary or reduced room rates and much more at Treasure.I deliver mail for my job from salt lake city to denver and back again.

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Driving to work a co-worker and I saw a green light going across the sky.

Three year old boy witnesses from back the seat of a car the approach of three flying disks.Very bright object the size of a close encounter with Mars moved rapidly across the sky.Wind River Hotel & Casino is the largest and closest casino to Yellowstone Park, Grand Tetons, and Jackson Hole! Poker, blackjack, roulette, slots and more!.I looked to the sky and saw a blue light gliding across the sky to.And this Round object with bunch of mini pastel lights flotin.Gillette, WY 82718. Mobile Museum of Art. 4850 Museum Drive,. Print Club of Albany. Fort Orange Station. PO Box 6578. Albany, NY 12206.Wyoming Downs is upstairs in The Vault with OTB and a lot of flat screens to watch your races. Click on their link below to see what they are all. Outlaw Saloon.


Bright Green Light With A Trail (Shaped like a Meteor) Descending Very Rapidly, then abruptly turning.Gillette Golf Club is a 9-hole regulation length golf course in Gillette, Wyoming. This layout provides for a fun golf experience for golfers of all skill levels.