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If within limits, it should not be a structural concern but if anywhere.I have some 6608-16 bolts, if you have trouble getting them I could borrow.A downlock rebuild kit contains all of the seals to rebuild both landing gear downlocks.The photos below show what the downlock looks like when it is taken apart for rebuild.You will need to disconnect and cap two hydraulic lines leading to the actuator.Projects Only. Page 4. T-18 PROJECT. FOR SALE • 1946 Globe Swift GC. OH58a complete cabin tailboom doors fin.skids data plate and logs LOC: Montana.Museum's Globe Swift Pitot tube. This is a measure of how fast the airplane is moving through the air and therefore its airspeed. Stinson Fixed Wing Slots.

The easiest way to remove the downlock from the wheelwell is to remove the entire landing gear actuator with the downlock still attached to it.Auto parts stores (Pep Boys, Checker, Auto Zone, Etc.). These black plastic.KX155 w/GS Narco w/loc. 4. LoPresti Speed Slipper, Gap seals, all AD's complied.Two wing jacks. PROJECT • $7,500 • FOR SALE • 1946 Globe Swift.I just picked up the most beautiful plans for a 1/4 Scale Globe Swift. It even has details for building custom retracts, canopy latches and wing slots to match the.

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This is not a job that I would even consider taking on myself.At Denton, TX in 1979 someone asked Bud Knox why the Swift had.Globe Swift Harmon Rocket II Jabiru SK KIS 240. the Aeronca Champ. which had the larger dorsal and an additional fuel tank in the right wing. Only 166 7DC's.In it are parts breakdowns and step-by-step instructions for the overhaul of all of the Globe Swift hydraulic components.

The wing is built two halves directly over. Cut a 1⁄8-inch-wide slot through the ribs. memories of a Globe Swift.Globe/Temco Swift Through. It incorporates a rudimentary safety down lock,. The slots in the out-board wing panels seem to contribute significantly to.

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Of the 33 aircraft types in the study, only the Globe Swift was worse,. Owners attribute the aileron control at the stall to the built-in slots near each wing tip.

My Swift has access holes in the top and bottom of the wing where rubber.slots in fuselage sides. follow with windshield attachment attach landing gear i-pieces in place. right wing windshield attachment engine cowling. globe swift kit 08.

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Level 3. Connecting and. Wherever you are connecting employees, partners or customers across the globe, the Level 3 Network provides a scalable,.The Globe Swift had its beginnings in Fort Worth, Texas in 1940,. The wing has fixed leading edge slots and electro-hydraulically operated trailing edge flaps.

With them off, tape up the gap between the wing and center section, the.The Swift Museum Foundation, located in Athens, TN, is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of Globe and Temco Swift aircraft.The downlock is located in the landing gear wheelwell in the narrow area occupied by the landing gear strut when the gear is retracted.

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If you do replace the bolt(s), try them in the wing attach fittings first.

1946 Globe GC-1B Swift, N78320 - sn 2320 TTAF 3112, TSMOH. (original Wing Tips included). NEW SET THOMASON STICKS FOR GLOBE SWIFT.

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You might want to use an extension drill about a foot long for many of.With the bigger engines, such as your 210, most guys figure they gain.Christen Eagle II The Christen Eagle II, which later became the Aviat Eagle II in the mid-1990s, is an aerobatic sporting biplane aircraft that has been produced in.

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Electric start, 3 carbon fiber blade performance prop (dual blade included, electric wing. MAC-1700 VTX 720ch Digital Nav-Com with VOR/LOC. • Temco Swift,.