Whether 5 verdicts of guilty returned unreasonable having regard to one verdict of not guilty -.He said his role was to drive the others to and from the scene of the robbery.Early guilty plea - youth - real potential for general rehabilitation - contrition - general deterrence.

Appeal allowed: orders of the CCA set aside, matter remitted to the CCA for sentencing in accordance with reasons for judgment of the HC.Count 3: supply methylamphetamine (441.7 grams) - 2y 8m with NPP of 16m.Weight of guilty plea - whether procured by police - necessity to evaluate role - whether circumstance of aggravation or mitigation - special circumstances.He asked an employee if he wanted to earn some extra cash by burning down the shop so that the appellant could claim the insurance money.An undercover police officer contacted the appellant who believed him to be a hit-man.At one point, respondent stopped his vehicle, made a phone call, then drove on, police following him.A short time later they returned, fearing the victim might have been able to identify their vehicle.

Appellant came downstairs with the child, went to the kitchen then started punching the complainant, saying it was her fault the child was crying.Failure of counsel to obtain instructions as to factual basis of matter to be argued on sentence.Offender charged with murder, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in full discharge of indictment.Joint criminal enterprise - need for directions relating evidence to legal principles.Some years before, the prisoner divorced his first wife after forming deep suspicions about her fidelity which were also totally unfounded.He pleaded not guilty to the 1st count but guilty to the alternative count, which was accepted by the Crown in full satisfaction of the indictment.

Aged 39 - appalling record - long period spent in custody - some priors committed whilst on parole - a number committed after escaping from prison - guilty plea - heroin addiction.Whether sentence outside range - general deterrence - whether insufficient weight given to offer of reparation.

Sentencing judge backdated above sentence to commence on date respondent went into custody, however, those sentences were concurrent with sentences already imposed for 2 unrelated driving offences, requiring respondent to serve only another 42 days after the expiration of the 2nd sentence for driving whilst disqualified.Applicant threatened to kick her in the head if she did not let it go.Applicant, unlicensed, drove a stolen MV at high speed in intermittent rain on slippery, wet roads in heavy traffic.Appellant was alleged to have set fire to 2 beds in a suburban hotel.

His culpability arose from his knowledge that Yeo had committed the murder and, with that knowledge, acted with the intention of assisting her to escape detection or prosecution.Henry - unplanned, opportunistic robbery - sentences excessive - pleaded guilty at 1st opportunity, without legal advice - relevant factors for sentencing - error in interpretation of relevant factors for sentencing.Police officers in no better position than jury to compare appearance of accused with photographs - s.55.

After an adjournment, the Crown applied to withdraw its acceptance of the plea of guilty.These 11 matters pertained to 5 named victims, each of whom was a victim named in one of the 7 counts in the indictment.Glacier Melting event happened in Jakobshavn Glacier, Greenland, Atlantic.He sustained additional injuries during those rescue attempts.

Field Notes: A Journal of Collegiate Anthropology 7(1

After examining it, he alighted from the vehicle saying he would get money.CUTHEL, Paul Steven - CCA, 10.9.2001 Sully J, Carruthers AJ.

He told police what the applicant had told him about the killing.Applicant appeared in the CCA in person, seeking a reduction of the MT.Follow horse racing with Alex Hammond on Sky Sports - get live racing results, racecards, news, videos, photos, stats (horses & jockeys), plus daily tips.Delay in sentence - applicant on bail for 2 years before being sentenced - addicted to heroin at time of offence - no psychological or pre-sentence reports were prepared - offence out of character - complainant tainted her evidence - applicant at crossroads - had rehabilitated since sentence.The offences were committed upon a young woman of limited intellect.

The applicant sold heroin to an undercover operative on 3 separate occasions.Subsequent tests showed applicant was in possession of a total of 74.9 grams of heroin, with a purity of just under 40%.

The appellant gave evidence denying that the conversation had taken place.Retribution - deterrence - protection of society - rehabilitation.Aged 33 at time of offence - on parole at the time - assistance to authorities - sentence served in protection - pre-sentence custody referable to previous or current offences - prior property offences as well as offences of violence - previous imprisonment.Whether inconsistent verdicts - whether formal order for separation of jury required.Aged 35 - Malaysian national - does not speak English - received no visitors whilst on remand - regrets offences.Applicant seems to have suffered some injuries by those who apprehended him.She said she saw him running away from the shop a short time later.Upon giving it to the applicant, the applicant walked away with it.

The wound was such as to have required a high degree of force.Armed robbery. 6y with NPP of 4y (special circumstances found).

Applicant was apprehended following the matching of his fingerprints with those found at the various scenes.The appellant was tried jointly with Beatriz Gonzalez-Betes (see.The offence involved the theft of money from a service station.